Carol Lynn Felton "pleads not guilty" to DUI
15CR01118 - The People of the State of California vs Carol Felton

Donald Joseph Mordasini and Carol Lynn Felton

Slumlord/Pervert* Donald Joseph Mordasini

(Above PERVERT* DONALD JOSEPH MORDASINI and family members)

Donald is a Marriage and family therapist specializing in adolescent behavior. Don is a LIAR and I have documents to prove it.

Driveway has been repaired. At least that's what Darlene Renee Kemp-Prentice (lawyer, Ocean Speedway, Prentice and Associats) claims.

(Above) The black is caustic fluid the neighbors have been dumping, which then flows under my fence onto my driveway. The fluid has destroyed the driveway.

Mordasini thinks he is a superior being. He promotes himself every chance he gets. I have read his Facebook post, and in my opinion he is a narcissist. He preaches constantly that he “helps” people. Don is actively trying to screw over my family. According to Mordasini; many years ago he gave up, quit, threw in the towel, on his kids, his wife, and his job to “find himself”. Who does this? He states he is a Psychotherapist. In his own words “They can't punish me won't mean anything”. What!!! I'm sorry to break the news to Mordasini, but he WILL be punished for what he is doing to my family. I will be posting his dirty laundry for everyone to read, coworkers, friends, and the general public. It is my hope that I can prevent someone else from being attacked by Donald Mordasini.

Don is retaliating against us by trying to evict my disabled family and me because he does not want to take responsibility as property owner and make severely needed repairs. He allowed our neighbors, Jose, Anabella, and Emily Antonino, to continuously DUMP waste into our yard, destroying our driveway. Don's agent hired a lawyer to try to evict me. They insist they repaired the driveway. However, to this day he has not repaired a single part of the driveway. Our property owner and managers are refusing to make other needed repairs. Our retaining wall is falling down. He had only a small section “repaired”, leaving the rest falling down. Mordasini in now claiming the he wants to remodel and move into the property. This revelation occurred on the day the Sheriff's Office was here to remove his property managers (Bailey Property Management) for trespassing. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Mordasini and his wife will learn GOD can't help them. It's up to a judge and jury now.

Don admits that he has “pushed, threatened,” and “harassed” his daughter. This may have led his daughter, at the time not even in seventh grade, to use “marijuana” and drink “alcohol”. Rather than Don taking the blame for being a bad parent, he “cursed the United States” (his own words) for bringing out “the worst in his daughter”. Why would Don curse the United States? Why would a normal person blame a country for his own lack of parenting skills?

*Pervert: Perversion is a concept describing those types of human behavior that are perceived to be a serious deviation from what is considered to be orthodox or normal.

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